Advanced System

Advanced automatic cable fault locating and HV-DC test system 40kV

product profile

The RX440 represents a genuinely modular multi-phase test system that covers all modern accepted test and fault locating procedures for underground power cables. Designed for integration in mobile cable test vans, it combines redundant design with low weight and best performance. The distributed control architecture based on CAN-bus automation provides for high system stability and requires no central host computing. The front-end user interface is based on dedicated Windows®. Its intuitive “app-style” organised software interface will efficiently guide inexperienced and experienced users alike.

key data & features

Analyser Unit:


HV Test Unit:

40kV DC

HV Surge Unit:

4/8/16/32kV - 2500J

HV Conversion Unit:

25A @ 25kV (infinitely)

HV AF Unit:

250W Multi-frequency

  HV Multi-Phase System

  True Modular Structure

  Inductive Arc Reflection Tech

  Monitored Fault Conversion

  Synchronised Test Procedures

  Distributed CAN Control System

  PROSAFE - High-End Safety System

  Synchronised Test Procedures

  Low Power Consumption

  Menu Guided User Interface

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