HV Combi Tester DC

Combination HV-DC Tester with Multi-Functions. Integrates Test, Burn & Pinpoint Functionalities.

Test Voltage 0-6kV DC

  Test Current 12-3mA

Convert 400mA (Opt. MFC)

Pulse 6kV (Sheath Faults)

Test Voltage 0-15kV DC

  Test Current 300mA

Convert 25A @ 15kV (∞) (Opt. MFC)

Pulse 15kV (Sheath Faults)

Combining TDR with high current fault converter. Allows monitored fault conversion of high resistance faults.

Range of connection assemblies, safety and other accessories


  Fault Analysis

  Cable Sheath Tester

  High Voltage Testing DC

  Sheath Fault Locating

  Dielectric Breakdown Test

  Sheath Fault Pinpointing

  Dielectric Withstand Test

  HV Bridge Type Measurement

  High Voltage Testing DC

  Constant Current Testing

  HV Fault Conversion & Burning

  Monitored Fault Conversion

  High Resistance Faults

  Intermittent Faults

  Fault Prelocation & Isolation