Field Test & Measurement

Purpose built for rough field use with precise measurement, modern user interfaces and extensive range of accessories

Analysing & Locating Core Cable Faults based on Time-Domain Reflectometry

Analysing & Locating Sheath Cable Faults based on HV-DC Bridge Type Methods

Precise Pinpointing & Mapping of Faults and Cable Lines based on Electric, Acoustic and Audio Frequency Methods

Cable Line Tracing & Mapping based on  Audio Frequency Methods

Correct Identification of Power Network Assets by Signal Encoding


Standard HV-DC Tester for HIPOT of Power Cable Installations


Combi HV-DC Tester with Multi-Functions

Other Custom HV Tester per Request


  Fault Prelocation & Isolation

  Electro-Acoustic Pinpointer

  Time-Domain Reflectometry

  Step-Voltage Pinpointer

  HV Bridge Measurement

  Cable Identification

  HV Fault Conversion & Burning

  Cable Line Tracing

  Intermittent Fault Scanning

  Cable Line Mapping


  HV DC Test

  HV AC Test

  HV VLF Test

  Cable Sheath Tester